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Each business (whether established or expanding) are directly affected by the complex and ever changing Tax system. At AMAX our expertise, experience and ongoing training are combined to ensure proper compliance to the relevant tax legislation, as well as providing clients with the best strategic tools to manage their tax affairs in the most cost effective manner.

We believe in adding value in terms of the extra effort, planning and executive involvement we incorporate in order to enhance quality service.

AMAX has a strong staff compliment with a wealth of experience using our in-depth understanding of the business culture, systems, and processes that are grounded in the client’s unique and specific business operating environment. Our approach remains versatile with an awareness that individual issues must be dealt with on their own merits but with the overall, long-term considerations always in mind. Whatever the nature of the user, we make sure that you don’t pay more tax than is necessary and that your activities remain tax efficient.

We also value the importance of relationships, especially over the long-term. Getting to know your needs over time means we will become more knowledgeable of your affairs and can react proactively to changing tax requirements in line with your own special circumstances.

Specialised Services

  • SARS dispute resolutions, objections & SARS compliance audits.
  • SARS payment arrangements & Section 200 Tax Debt Compromise.
  • Completion & Submission of Relevant Tax Returns.
  • Verifying Income Tax Assessments.
  • Applications for Tax Directives & Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Tax Planning & Structuring of Trusts.
  • Effective Salary Structuring.
  • Claiming accredited employee learnership income tax deductions

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Specialised Services

We pride ourselves in efficient,
informed service!

Do you owe SARS money? (Scenario 2)

Is the business SARS debt less than the directors / members personal net asset value?

A debt compromise or debt write off can be applied for in order to ensure the continued existence of the entity.

Arrange to pay off your SARS debt

Do you want to arrange to pay off your SARS debt within six to twelve months?

A formal SARS deferred payment arrangement can be applied for.

Judgements (Blacklisting)

Has SARS or any other supplier issued judgement against you (blacklisting)?

Has the outstanding debt been paid?

The judgement can be rescinded by use of court order or lifted at Transunion depending on the entities’ needs.

Claimed funds by use of 3rd party appointment

Has SARS claimed funding out of your bank account by use of 3rd party appointment?

It is imperative to act immediately as further funding can be claimed from your accounts and SARS can initiate proceedings to claim attach assets.

Accredited employee programs

Does your entity provide accredited training programs to employees?

Do you intend to implement formal training programs for the furtherance of employee skills?

Accredited employee learnership programs are essential for entities in the current BB – BEE climate and entities are afforded income tax deductions for each learnership program, resulting in exceptional reduction in income tax payable to SARS.

Statement of accounts

Have you reviewed your SARS tax statement of accounts recently?

Are you aware that SARS has to pay interest on funding received before the prescribed date of returns payable?

SARS pays interest on funding received to the taxpayer on either payment received yearly or rectifications done on tax accounts.

Do you owe SARS and other state institutions money? (Scenario 1)

Does the directors personal net asset value exceed the SARS amount payable?

Does the entity have liabilities payable to other state institutions?

A debt compromise or debt write off can be applied for in order to ensure the continued existence of the entity.